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My name is Becky, 24 yrs, I started a business last year to sell sex toys but it failed fast. A friend told me what I know about the things I sell is too less. If I didn't know the feeling using the sex toys then I can't pinpoint customer requirements, they won't pay for things that have no value.

After listening to her analysis, I pondered, I couldn't help but be reflective, am I know too less about what I sell, this is the reason why I can't make it. I need to spend more time on sex and figure out guys sexual needs.

I will find out your most sensitive parts through these services:1# Me kissing and swallowing your lips like it's a delicous cake.2# Me gasping beside your ear and talk gently "please fuck me, I can't wait", tasting your earlobe.3# Me licking your sweet nipples quickly and swallowing it till it perky.4# Me kissing, licking, rubbing your inner thigh until you get horny somewhere of your body.5# Me sitting at your giant penis moving up and down, sucking this fat dong stick with my tight vigina until we crackling.6# Finally me giving you a lick job, my saliva and our juice make it easy to realize a sliding friction, sucking and disgorging, me making your body tremble.

Help me figure out the mystery of dudes body? From toes to head, I will try bit by bit!!!!Be my sample of this sex experiment, would you? If you are interested, please phone: 702-352-5876

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