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Becky is my name, I've been serializing romantic novels on a novel website for several years but lately the website is in the process of transformation, the main novels will be replaced by pornographic novels. My editor mentioned that if I can't adapt to this transition then I will be eliminated and lost my job. This is the last thing I want to see! So I need to enrich myself with things about pornographic novels. I know how to write but I am lack of details of how people have sex. So I think why couldn't I be the heroine of my novel! This idea was put into practice immediately, I emerged myself into this erotic massage group. So my heroine should be 24yrs, 116lbs, 5' 2'', 34C-22-32 like me~

Here, I've amassed plenty of sex skills and positions as reserve of my novel content and I'm really going to understand that how wonderful sex is and it's normal that people want to satisfy their sexual desire-a kind of physiological demand. Any position if I do it one time, I can write it. My favorite position is doggie style, me kneeling down, husband boyfriend stud behind me lifting my behind and enormous schlong into my visible watery vagina fiance boyfriend lover tell me this way he can go to the deepest point of the hole and he gets horny watching himself in and out of my twat just in front of him! And my another customer enjoys to finger my pussy he always get the sensitive part inside of me, I can't stop panting and screaming when he mounts me hard with fingers and him rubbing my clit. After foreplay, he always becomes super horny and humongous and drills me as crazy as a sex machine. I can barely say a word and breathe!!! spunk inside me, on my body, in my mouth, spill it wherever you want~ I am your personal semen bucket vagina

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