Pretty sensual GFE


You and are I are the types drawn to the exceptional and the unconventional, drawn to people and places and the things that allow us to get lost in experience. You may not know me yet, but you spin worlds where I exist…where we will exist together.



I am a Los Angeles native and love everything my ambition beholds me in my civilian and non civilian work. I live a life driven by desire; a desire to succeed, a desire to connect…to touch and be touched. In rhythms through music, in passions with people, through moments with places… whether it’s traveling and experiencing new foods and places or life’s hedonistic joys; the possibilities for pleasure and wonder are endless.

There’s little worse than feeling a connection only to have to rush against the clock. At a minimum, I look forward to meeting with you to break bread and explore our new friendship. Though if you’re of the “fortune favors the bold’ life attitude; I am also quite fond of initial dates that have lasted for multiple days! Wether local or hopping flights to any four corners of the world; I am ready to focus my energy on you and only you.





Long term arrangements;Arrangements are not suited to everyone, but for some they are ideal. I dislike shorter dalliances because I dislike being left wanting more. Arrangements create the narrative of “more”. The playfuI moments and dialogue do not just end…we get to pick it back up a few days later, the next week, and the week after…​

Please email me or contact me via text to book (email preferred. Deposit & screening required.)

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